Dollhouse Update #4: It’s Done!

I did not think I would finish this in time for Christmas, but I did it! And I only cried once.


Before and after:

Here’s a close-up of the chimney. I originally planned to paint the bricks on it, but I found brick-patterned scrapbook paper instead.


The interior view:


Here’s a closer view of the inside:


Before and after:

I call this room “The Green Bedroom.” The dalmatian was the first thing my niece noticed. She took one look at the house, grabbed him, and said “Mickey!”


“The Flower Room.” I planned to fix the floor in this room, but I ultimately chose to carpet it instead. I love the way it looks.

It’s so soft and sweet!


I found these two dressers at an antique store in St. Augustine.


The Christmas kitty is busy in the kitchen and dining room. Madison called her “Mama Kitty.”


Here’s the makeup tray I painted. It holds a chocolate cake and a plate of cookies. Madison enjoyed making Mom and me “taste” the food.


Since you can’t see them very well in the photo, here’s a better view of the table and chairs. The table was a bit of a splurge (also from the St. Augustine antique store), but finding an appropriately sized table for this house was surprisingly difficult. The chairs came from an antique store in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

Here’s the hutch with all the accessories I found:


Close-ups of the accessories:

Before and after:

The living room might be my favorite. I love the wallpaper, the bookshelf, the upholstered chair, the rocking chair, the lamps, etc.!


Here are the accessories:

All items were carefully inspected by at least one cat before I went to Mom’s house:


I love this little rocking chair.


I couldn’t get a good shot of the bathroom; it’s too small and hard to reach. This is the sink I found at Goodwill and the mirror I got at an antique store:

Madison played with her dollhouse quite a bit while I was there. She made sure her puppies got to sit at the table. Yes, that’s a different dalmatian. She got a set of dogs from Santa, and they had a great time in her house.


She informed me that this is not a “dollhouse.” It’s a “doghouse.” We are definitely related.



They also took a bath.


“All the puppies take a bath!”


We also took all of their food orders in the kitchen, then her dinosaur, lizard, bat, and Frozen figurines joined the party! I’m thrilled that she enjoyed the “doghouse,” especially after searching for it for so long and working so hard to renovate it. I hope she’ll continue to love it so that we can continue to add pieces to it together.






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