Dollhouse Update #2

I wish I had found this dollhouse over the summer! I’m grateful to have found it at all after searching for so long, but I’m cutting it way too close to Christmas.

Last week, I started working on the interior. I wallpapered four rooms and painted the hallway (the pale blue area in the middle of the second floor. The bathroom is behind it, and I painted it blue as well. I would have preferred to wallpaper it, but it’s not easily accessible, so painting it was difficult enough.

I bought scrapbook paper at Jo-Ann for the wallpaper. I love the way it turned out, although I need to return to buy another sheet for the top right bedroom. The blue floral on the bottom is my favorite. I tried to keep the farmhouse vibe going with the wallpaper, but I couldn’t resist a bold choice for the living room.

I made a mistake in the kitchen. I planned to use scrapbook paper for the floor to resemble tile, so I planned to paint the wall. I am trying to use my old stash of acrylic paint, and I grabbed what I thought would be a deep, brownish red. However, the lighting in my dining room (the dollhouse remodeling area) is awful, so it wound up looking rather orange. I changed plans and opted to wallpaper that room too. More on the floor later.


Here is a before and after of the progress so far:


The wallpaper in the kitchen looks bubbly in that photo, but I smoothed it. It looks good now!

There is still no floor on this house. My friend Caroline helped me cut the new pieces last weekend, so I hope to attach them this weekend.

I sewed curtains this evening, so I’ll post about them next time!




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