Dollhouse Update

Finally, I was able to get some work done on the dollhouse this weekend! Being sick with a sinus infection since Thanksgiving significantly delayed my progress on this project.

I tested blue and yellow paint for the exterior, and I think I’m leaning heavily towards yellow. I plan to paint the roof grey to look like a tin roof. The trim will be white.

You can see how dirty this little house was! My first goal was to clean, sand, and prime it.


Here it is, primed and ready for action!


This little hutch was built into the kitchen. It came out when I removed the floor (which I’ll explain in a later post), but I’m going to put it back in when I’ve cleaned and repainted it.


I’ll do a separate post for all the things I’ve bought for the inside of the dollhouse, but I’d like to share this chest of drawers with you for now. The guy who sold me the dollhouse threw in this little chest. Never having assembled something like this before, I was a bit intimidated to try it.


I shouldn’t have worried, because it was incredibly easily. I think the whole thing took around 30 minutes. The only instructions I omitted were to drill holes for the handles. I left them off for now, since I plan to paint the chest and add different handles. The Chippendale look was too fancy for my little house!


I love it!


I certainly don’t need another hobby, but I can see the appeal of making miniatures.


Here’s what you can expect next:

  • Update #2: Interior painting/wallpapering
  • Update #3: Refinishing the base
  • Update #4: Home furnishings

I have three weeks to finish – eek!




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