Here are the Halloween photos I forgot to post. Also, I bought a house.

A dollhouse! Ha. Photos ahead.

But first, let’s take a look at the final version of the Medusa costume:


I love this outfit!


Saturday, I went to the flea market in St. Augustine and found something I’ve been seeking for two years: a dollhouse for my niece, Madison. I fell in love with this vintage (likely 1960s) dollhouse, and I managed to lug it home for $31. It’s real wood and very well-made. However, it is not without some cosmetic and structural issues.


Refinishing/repainting are no problem. My main concern is the floor peeling away on the bottom level. I also found mold underneath, so unfortunately, the whole bottom will have to go. I think that if I can find someone to cut new pieces of wood for me, it will not be too difficult to repair.


I hate to remove the wallpaper, but it’s a mess.

I know it looks bad now, but I adore this little house. It’s going to be so beautiful!


It even has a little bathroom, complete with toilet paper holder!

The first steps will be to remove the base, thoroughly clean and sand the whole house, then attach the new base.

I am overjoyed at the thought of renovating and decorating this little house! I have the perfect scrap fabric for curtains (there are tiny little curtain holders on the windows). I think I’m going to design it in farmhouse style.


It’s kitty approved!



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