Homespun Halloween 2016: Trial Run

A couple of years ago, I bought supplies for a Medusa costume. Halloween didn’t happen for me that year for a variety of reasons, but I am ready for it this time!

I began with the headpiece. I bought a bag of rubber snakes on Amazon, thinking that I would hot glue them to a headband. For some reason, the hot glue, snakes, and headband did not get along in the slightest, so I had to resort to Plan B: jewelry wire. I wrapped the wire around each individual snake first, then around the entire headband when the snakes were in place.


The next step was to spray paint the whole thing gold.


Here it is, resting on a handy Halloween decoration:


This week is spirit week at the high school where I worked, and Wednesday was Character Day. I thought this would be the perfect trial run for Medusa, especially since we studied Greek mythology last month. I have not made the Medusa dress yet (and it wouldn’t be school appropriate anyway), so I just wore a black maxi dress. I found the perfect belt at a thrift store. It looks like scales!



My students loved this costume. All day, kids were walking past me saying “don’t look at her!” So funny – and they remembered the myth!


Since we are bracing for Hurricane Matthew here in Jacksonville today and tomorrow, I may use some of this extra time to cut and sew the dress. We shall see!


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