Inspiration Board for Future Sewing Projects

Since I started sewing, I frequently see pictures in magazines of clothes I want to replicate, prints that I like, etc. I’m organizing my clippings on this magnet/dry erase board.

I’ve had it since my teaching days, but I haven’t had much use for it at home. The plastic pieces on all four corners had  broken, so I needed to cover them somehow. I used some trim I bought last year at Hancock and some of the many, many buttons I’ve collected.

To make magnets for the board, I used round magnets with sticky backs – similar to these:

Then I just peeled off the backs and attached buttons that were large enough to cover the magnet.

I also used buttons to cover the corners of the board. My hot glue gun is like a bad boyfriend. He keeps burning me, but I keep coming back for more.

I love seeing all my ideas in one place. Hmm…looking at my pictures, it has become apparent that I really have a thing for printed, wide-leg pants, which may explain this.


3 thoughts on “Inspiration Board for Future Sewing Projects

  1. Man, I love this board! And that trim, I remember when you bought that 🙂 Also, I would like to know how you plan to make an actual elephant.

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